Fiber optic fixture & tools3
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Ferrule length gauge

Be used to measure the ferrule length outside on back of holding plate after the ferrule be held and polished

Fiber optic ferrule length stand

1. Place polish plate into stand,then holding ferrule directly.
2. Maintain fixed ferrule length and secure good quality during polishing process.

MTRJ polishing plate

1. for plate surface polishing
2. for surface rough polishing (Pre-polish)

Fiber optic stripper

1. Hardened middle-carbon steel body with black oxide finish.
2. Has laser markings on the blade indicating cable position.

8.7" Ratchet Coaxial and Fiber Optic cable crimping tool

Suitable for:
1. RG174 & RG179 cable
2. Belden 8218 cable
3. Fiber Optic cable

Precise Fiber Stripper & Cutter

5 in 1 tool provides wire stripper/cutter/steel wire cutter/pliers/wire looping & bending hole for multi purpose use.
Made of stainless steel with color handles.
Spring-loaded action for self-opening.

Kevlar Cutter

For Kevlar of fiber optic cable

Fiber optic tool kit_17 in 1

1. 17 in 1 for all fiber optic hand tools/accessories
2. High quality product, made in TAIWAN
3. With plastic box, brand new