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MPO/MTP Fiber optic identifier

MPO/MTP Fiber optic identifier


1. Dimension: 160mm(L)x84mm(W)x42mm(H)
2. Weight: 410g


1. 12 channels MPO/MTP single mode and multi-mode connections
2. Guide pin switch can quickly and easily support MPO/MTP male & female patch cord in the same device
3. It can view MPO/MTP fiber which is emitted to avoid eyes injured for the person who directly look at the    MPO/MTP ferrule trying to distinguish what fiber is emitting 
4. It can display individual or all channel depend on light source emitting to
5. Small size and need not using battery
6. Following the direction of channel emitted can know the EIA/TIA 568C configurations of MPO/MTP patch cord

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