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Fiber checker_for 2.5mm connector ferrule

(1)Stable Light Source with class 3A laser diode
(2)Easy taking/operation with Pen type design
(3)Good tool for fiber optic cable installation checking of broken point


1. Central Wavelength: 650 +/- 10 nm
2. Output Power: 1mW into Single mode fiber
3. Spectral Width: < 10 nm
4. Transmission: CW or 2.5 Hz pulse
5. Batteries: AAA Alkaline batteries x 2
6. Operating Temp.: 0℃ ~ 50 ℃
7. Detection Distance: 6 KM
8. Dimension: 13.5mm (O.D) X 170mm(L)
9. Weight: 88g
10. Light Source: Class 3A laser diode


1. Using for locating broken point checking in 2.5 ferrule fibers
2. It is equipped with a 650-nm visible laser diode,can be operated in continuous or pulse modes for clear noticeable results 
3. One green LED indicator shows the operating mode 
4. Power switch on the end for battery on/off
5. Push button operate CW/Mod. (2.5 Hz frequency)/pause
6. Clip pocket-size pen design
7. Protective cap for extra protection
8.Low Battery Indicator: The Status LED will turn to red when the batteries power are low