Fiber optic connector bake oven 3
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Fiber optic connector bake oven

Fiber optic connector bake oven


1. M/C size: 310W x 220L x 160H mm
2. Net weight: 8 KG
3. Power: AC 110/220V , 50/60 Hz , 500W
4. Heat block size: 260W x 92L x 46H mm
5. Heat block holes: 64 Position
6. Heating temperature: 399 ℃ (Max.)
7. Time setting: 99 Min. 59 Sec. (Max.)


1. Special designed for curing epoxy of fiber optical connectors.
2. 64 connectors can be heated at the same time. 
3. Suitable to different type of connectors, change the heating block to save cost. 
4. The alarm will remind operator when heating is done. 
5. Oven will stop heating over 200℃, equipped with over heating protection. 
6. Heat-resistant acrylic table will benefit operation.


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