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Fiber optic polishing machine_Membrane switch

Suitable for all type of fiber optic connectors and ferrule,curved and flat surface center-pressure polishing


Suitable for 2.5mm/1.25mm fiber connector/ferrule,curved and flat surface polishing. 
100% compatible with center pressure polishing jig/fixture.

Machine performance:

A. Curved surface polishing quality
    * Curvature Radius (mm) 10--25
    * Apex Offset (um) <50
    * Fiber Under Cut (um) <0.05

B. MTRJ flat surface polishing quality
    * Roughness (nm) <50
    * Angle Error (Degree) <0.2
    * Fiber Protrusion (um) >1


1. Machine size: 420Lx220Wx500H (mm)
2. Net weight: 26 KG
3. Power: AC110/220V,50/60 Hz,85W
4. Consumption air: 3 kgf/c㎡
5. Polish disc O.D.: 112 mm
6. Polish speed: 30--300 RPM
7. Time setting: 999.9 Sec. (Max.)


1. Membrane type may be inputs 9 memories polishing data/record.
2. Each memory record includes the polishing time, speed and the film using record
3. Purified water may be used to save the cost of consumables liquid.
4. The fixed torque of adjustable motor will not be changed by varied speed,
    it will also be reduce polishing variance.
5. Unique design for electrical,air and the water were separated inside of cabinet,
    it's to secure safety during polishing operation.
6. Module type of electrical control is easy for machine maintenance.
7. Based on the polishing process, moving the counterweight to proper loading position.
8. Anti-vibration pad may be adjustabled to certain height of polishing machine.